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It’s our mission to treat as many infertile women as possible through our affordable and guaranteed infertility treatment method. Our sole aim is to make healthcare easily accessible for everyone, regardless of their background, disease and financial condition. We work to create a disease-free environment through our Multispeciality services and the expertise of our doctors.


Our vision is to be a leader in healthcare industry with the largest range of specializations and to be the most dependable for high risk surgeries. We wish to stand out in terms of specialization, facilities and affordability. We hope to make Arpit Multispeciality Hospital uniquely recognizable for its service to humanity and for making complex treatments simple for the people.

Fellowship in Advance Endoscopy

Arpit Multispeciality Hospital & Laparoscopy Center

M.B.B.S., M.S. (Obst. & Gynae.), F.I.C.O.G.

Dr Sadhana Mehta is a hard-working, generous and dedicated individual who is always eager to learn. From very modest beginnings of practising at various maternity nursing homes, she started her own clinic about 3 decades ago and  within a few years, established her own setup, Arpit maternity nursinghome.  With minimal support and despite all hardships, she worked hard to make Arpit nursing home successful. She expanded this setup at a new establishment, Arpit multispeciality hospital, a few years ago.

While keeping abreast with medical advancements and her responsibilities towards her patients, she also excelled as a mother to her 3 children.
She continues to use her spare time to acquire knowledge of new medical advancements and share her learnings with the wider community

Arpit Multispeciality Hospital
& Laparoscopy Center

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With a committed spotlight on the arrangement of value medical services and careful mastery We separate ourselves by experiencing our qualities to streamline patient consideration and experience consistently

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